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Innovation with Excellence

About Us

Welcome to Ravian Consulting, delivering "innovation with excellence" to its clients since 2005! 

We help our clients achieve business result through successful digital transformation. We understand that the digitalization journey is complex and can pose unique challenges, we bring our expertise to the table and help our clients every step on way.



Link Your Enterprise Strategy to Execution

Sustain your digital transformation by linking your execution to the enterprise strategy. Ravian Consulting utilizes its vast expertise to help our clients develop enterprise and enterprise IT strategy and alignment. We also help clients develop processes, governance and tools to link the enterprise strategy to the execution - the development of the portfolio of projects that will deliver on the strategy.

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Omni-Channel Transformation

Ravian Consulting specializes in helping clients strategize and build journey for the disparate to Omni-channel transformation. We help our clients throughout the lifecycle from strategy, capability-aligned roadmapping, portfolio prioritization, all the way to development.

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Enterprise Architecture

Ravian Consulting helps its clients build and sustain a pragmatic and functioning Enterprise Architecture capability and practice. We help our clients build the contextualized EA framework, relative EA principles, Reference Architecture, Governance processes, Application Portfolio Management (APM), Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) and rationalization.

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Enterprise Systems Integration

Ravian Consulting offers Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Process Integration (BPI), & Business Process Management (BPM) solutions development for enterprises and businesses of all sizes by leveraging on the already existing applications and infrastructure.

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